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TAG's Mantella Featured in Series on Association Growth

Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) CEO talks to Potomac

Arlington, Virginia (March 26th, 2013) - The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), announced today that its President and CEO, Tino Mantella will be featured in a blog series produced by Potomac Core Consulting of Arlington, VA. The series will consist of video and blog interviews that will be posted to on March 26th and 27th.

Potomac Core Consulting, a leading advisor to growth focused Associations has posted interviews with leading CEO's achieving consistently strong performance. According to Potomac Core's CEO Varroney "We're seeing dynamic and innovative CEO's drive core value and member satisfaction. Double digit membership growth is the norm for the Association heads we've interviewed thus far."

Mantella was selected for the series due to his success in generating 600% membership growth for TAG in 8 years. The Technology Association of Georgia has built a powerhouse of member value and engagement. In today's environment, many Associations find growth to be challenging. However, TAG has found new pain points where members need help. Using a commitment to Operational Excellence, the organization consistently delivers value and drives record revenue growth.

"Associations who are constant innovators and value creators grow revenues" says Potomac Core's Founder Daniel A. Varroney. "TAG certainly fits the bill."

About Potomac Core Consulting

Potomac Core Consulting helps Trade Associations provide ROI to stakeholders, grow revenues, improve retention, and elevate their advocacy effectiveness. The Potomac Core Consulting Blog delivers insightful content on Association Growth Strategies for CEO's and Senior Managers. The Firm was established by Daniel A. Varroney in May of 2012. Varroney is an established fundraising, advocacy and growth executive, with expertise in leveraging communications, media, marketing, finance, and operations in order to drive record success.

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