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New Logo Unveiled for 2013 Excalibur Awards

Awards Recognize Georgia’s Most Innovative Tech-Enabled Companies and Organizations

ATLANTA (August 08, 2013) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) today unveiled a new logo for its annual Excalibur Awards which is presented by TAG in collaboration with the Business and Technology Alliance of TAG (B&TA). The new logo, was designed by Atlanta-based Global Speak and will be utilized for all communications, signage and video production associated with the October 18th event.

“When the theme and logo were originally created nearly a decade ago, we wanted to give it a strong brand and message to separate it from more traditional industry events. For many years, The Excalibur Awards drew inspiration from the mythological story of King Arthur, iron from stone to legendary sword. The stories’ energy, as much as the swords representation, helped make the event one of TAG’s signature annual peer recognitions by giving it an exciting yet perfect symbolic message of technologies impact on the outcome of competition,” says Frank Baia, Managing Partner , Global Speak. “ Now, The Excalibur Award has evolved beyond the mythology to become one of the most established and industry recognized awards of its kind presented each year…..while keeping a symbolism of the now iconic sword, it was time to give the event a new, fresh creative expression as an industry top recognition, it has earned its own distinctive identity and importance”.


The new logo incorporates the iconic Excalibur Sword which serves as the official award presented to recipients. Since the initial awards ceremonies in 2005, over 35 Excalibur Presentation Swords have been awarded. Each year, additional swords are cast, molded, polished and buffed by Both Awards, the Gwinnett-based awards manufacturer retained by TAG.

“The stainless steel Knight's Dagger used to represent Excalibur is suspended against a black background in a deep, custom made shadow box,” says John D. Boone, owner of BoTH Awards. “The dark wood and background help the sword standout as the focal point of the piece”.

Applications and nominations for the Excalibur Awards will be accepted until August 16th. Tech-enabled companies that develop their own non-commercial technology solutions to enhance their organization are encouraged to apply.

The winning companies will be recognized in one of five categories:

· Small Companies
· Mid-sized Companies
· Large Companies
· Educational Organizations
· Most Creative Solution

The Excalibur Awards ceremony will be held October 18, 2013 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel located at 2450 Galleria Parkway in Atlanta.

To apply visit:

If you would like to nominate a company, please visit:

Follow the conversation on Twitter by following the hashtag #TAGExcalibur. To learn more visit:

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