Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I update my member profile?

    You can update your profile by following the link in the upper, right-hand corner of our homepage. You can update your email preferences by visiting our subscription center.

  • When is the next upcoming meeting or event?

    You can find all of TAG Society meetings, and TAG special events on the TAG Calendar. You can even register right on the spot!

  • I need to add to/edit the list of members on my corporate membership.

    Corporate memberships are held by the company, and do not transfer with employees if they leave the company. Each member "slot" on your corporate membership must be designated to a specifically-named employee, and is not transferable (may not be shared) between employees.

    Replacing current members with newly-designated members is restricted to TWO (2) replacements per corporate membership/company per membership year.

    Adding a new member:

    If your corporate membership has currently available "slots" that you would like to designate to an employee, please contact the TAG offices at We will need to have the employee's name, title, phone number, and address to complete your request. The employee will be added to the membership if the "slot" is available, and an email will be sent to the newly added member, and the designated point of contact for the account.

    Replacing a current member with a new member:

    Please submit the name, title, and email address of the new member you're designating either by phone 404-817-3333 or

    Deleting a current member:

    To delete a specified member from your membership, please email or call the office at 404-817-3333.

  • I'd like more information about a society

    TAG currently has several different societies operating as part of our organization. The societies are member-created and driven forums that meet either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. For a list of all TAG societies - and the contact information for the chair, who can give you further information, visit the TAG Societies page.

  • I'd like information about joining TAG

    All the information we have about TAG is available on our website - As the largest non-profit technology trade association in the southeast, we utilize the technology that our member companies create whenever possible. You can even join the organization directly from the home page- click "Why Join TAG?" link at the bottom of the screen.

    TAG currently has many different Societies that operate under the TAG 'umbrella'. As a member of TAG, you may participate in any or all of these groups. Details on each Society, and all TAG upcoming events can be found on our website's Calendar of Events.

    Membership is available for individuals and corporations. We have several levels of membership that represent group discounts over individual membership, beginning with Corporate Level that allows up to five personas to be listed. (NOTE: Corporate memberships are specific to the individual and are not transferable for meeting attendance. Each employee must be specified on the membership.) Again, click the "Why Join TAG?" link at home page for all details on TAG membership.

  • I want to upgrade my membership level for this year

    If you would like to upgrade to a corporate membership, please contact the TAG office at 404-817-3333. We would be more than happy to assist you with the upgrade process.

  • I need to check the status of my membership

    You can do this at any time by logging-in to the "My Membership" section of the website. This gives you full access to your membership record and you can make changes to your contact information as necessary. If the membership is expired, it will give you that message and prompt you to renew before you can access your membership record again.

  • How can I receive communications from TAG?

    On the right-hand side of, click the link "Email Sign Up" and complete the form. Simply fill out the form and click "Submit." You will now be able to stay completely up to date with TAG's Daily Mail and society announcements.

  • Why should I have to give my address and phone number when I join TAG?

    When you join TAG, we request your complete contact information including your address. This is so that we can mail you about any last minute event changes.

  • How can I advertise with TAG?

    TAG has many ways for you to promote your organization to the membership. Please refer to our Sponsorship Packet (here) for all our opportunities.

  • How does TAG protect my privacy?

    Your contact information will not be sold or given to any other organization for any purpose without your approval. By searching the TAG directory, you are agreeing to the following statement:

    "TAG will allow you access to the contents of this directory only if you accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. By searching the Member Directory, you hereby accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

    • This directory shall be used for individual, personal, or confidential reference purposes only and may be used only pursuant to the terms of this agreement.
    • This directory and its contents are products of the Technology Association of Georgia.
    • The contents of this Directory may not, in whole or part, be produced, copied, disseminated, entered into a computer database or otherwise utilized, in any form or manner or by any means, including without limitation any mass mailing or email broadcast or other mass marketing communication.

    Reminder: Members have the option to display their contact information and may edit their preference at any time."

  • How can I find another TAG member in the Member Directory?

    Go to the Resources tab at the top of, click the Membership Directory link and log in with your email address and password. You will then be able to access the Member Directory. Alternatively, you can access the directory here. Search by any of the available fields.

  • What is TAG's event cancellation policy?

    TAG's policy requires a registrant to cancel at least 48 hours before the event. If you have not cancelled your registration 48 hours in advance, you may be obligated to pay the full meeting cost. Any time an event is cancelled by TAG, refunds will be issued.

  • Do I have to pre-register for TAG events?

    It is recommended but not always necessary. For most meetings, you can register onsite. However, there are exceptions. Occasionally, TAG will host an event at a high-security location that requires a pre-screening or visitor access badge. Many TAG events have a high-registration rate that may have created a 'waiting list' for attendees. If you did not register online you cannot be added to the list. For some events, especially our larger events, you may encounter a higher cost of attendance if you do not register ahead of time. Please check out event details to find out when we are offering "Early Bird Pricing".

  • What are my options when it comes to sponsorship?

    There are many different options when it comes to sponsorship with TAG. From a banner ad on our daily email (which reaches almost 40,000 people) to co-hosting a major event (with an opportunity to speak on stage), there is a sponsorship opportunity for every budget and every marketing goal. Please click here to see our complete Sponsorship Opportunities booklet.

  • How can I become more involved with TAG?

    Please read "10 Ways to Make the Most of Your TAG Membership" and our "Membership Benefits" brochure. Another great way to become more involved is to join a society board. Please contact the chair of the society you are interested in.

  • Can I attend a TAG event before I become a member?

    You may attend TAG events as a non-member but you will be required to pay the non-member cost of the event. If you do decide to join TAG, you may fill out your application form at that event and have the cost of the event (or the difference between member and non-member cost) deducted from the membership cost.

  • How do I volunteer with TAG?

    If you want to help develop and coordinate a society's events, please contact the society contact listed on the TAG website or contact the TAG office to speak with the appropriate TAG staff in charge of the society. If you want to help spread the word about TAG, please consider being a TAG ambassador. Occasionally, we do need volunteers at events and in the TAG office. As a not for profit organization, volunteering with TAG does count towards some collegiate philanthropy requirements. If you would like to volunteer with TAG, please email your contact information and preferences to

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