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Do you have what it takes to lead your team through a crisis? Vivo Team CEO and Founder, Renée Safrata, discusses staying connected and fostering open communication within the context of the 6 key indicators of leading an effective and efficient team. Especially important now with many barebones and dispersed teams due to Covid-19, leading well-adjusted, high-performing teams is crucial to keeping your business moving forward. Join us to find out what you need to know.

CEO and Founder
Over the past 31 years, Renée has worked with over 300 companies and 3000 business executives throughout North America, helping them connect and adopt new behaviors to become confident members of highly functioning teams. She firmly believes that this philosophy of connection is what ultimately drives productivity and contributes to company results.

After 11 years in the interior design business, Renée shifted careers to consult to CEO’s, COO’s, executive management teams, senior teams, associations and entrepreneurs to build more focused, engaged and results-oriented collaborative teams.

Renée recognized from her work in the field, the trend and future demand for digital workplace learning. She spent two years researching the market and analyzing the trends and developing the business plan for building out version one of the analytics before launching Vivo Team.

August 5, 2020

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Society: Training and Workforce Development

Phone: 404-920-2022

Email: heather@tagonline.org


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