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Join TAG for an exciting virtual DEVaTHON for the state of Georgia!

In late 2019 Governor Kemp directed Georgia state agencies to reduce their budgets by 4% in FY2020 and 6% in FY2021.  The question we are posing is: can Georgia government agencies reduce costs through efficiency gains from more effective data analysis?

During the DEVaTHON, we will provide access to a rich portfolio of Georgia-specific datasets that include address, demographic, boundary, property, and points of interest information.   Our hope is that Georgia agencies can enrich their own customer records with the provided datasets or start with the datasets themselves to get a clearer picture of agency needs. This data can provide a wealth of information, but could it provide a 4%-6% savings for agencies? Each state agency has unique requirements that can include healthcare, agriculture, business development, employment, elections, transportation and education. How can they improve services and lower costs?  The only limit on potential solutions is your imagination.

By helping Georgia with the DEVaTHON, you could:

  • Identify employment opportunities and services for citizens based on where they live, their level of experience, education or training requirements, and access to commuter services?
  • Develop more efficient utility network planning and future services that factor in current population trends (moving in/out of an area, working in one area and living in another) and the effect of seasonality (business operations, traffic, vacation areas) on economic development?
  • Plan for and mitigate public health risks (and thus costs) by analyzing demographic characteristics, proximity to risk factors, and identifying local crisis response capacity?

Using enriched data through location analytics can transform agency data into compelling visualizations that reveal complex relationships and actionable insights, such as:

  • Pinpointing where a crisis is more likely to occur and how a community or agency is prepared to deal with it to mitigate costs.
  • Identifying of over- or underserved areas for services related to public health, transportation, and utility networks to rationalize state programs.
  • Developing customer or constituent profiles that provide detailed information related to who a person is, where they live/work/play, and what they need from state agencies.

Join the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Pitney Bowes Software and CMA in the 2020 Virtual DEVaTHON and help put all of Georgia on the map.

For more information regarding the Virtual DEVaTHON competition, event details and official rules please contact Heather Maxfield at heather@tagonline.org


Slack Nights
Join TAG and top executives at Georgia Departments to discuss potential solutions for their departments.  This will be a time to ask questions and get feedback.

Data & Industry Expert Hotline
Caught up and overwhelmed with all the data that can be used?!  Never fear!  We have a call for that.  On the call, we will have data experts guide you through all the data that is available for your winning solution.

In-person DEVaTHON Clinic
June 1st
Need some one on one time with those you are building a solution for?  Visit our in-person clinic to get your burning questions answered.

Pitch Night with Judges
June 18th
Times up!  Teams will present their solutions to a panel of Georgia Department CIO’s from 6:00-8:00pm and finalists will be selected.

Finalist Announced
June 19th
TAG will notify participants and announce the finalist.

May 15, 2020

Society: TAG Government Affairs

Phone: 4049202022

Email: heather@tagonline.org


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