UPDATE 4/2/2020:

We are extremely grateful to the companies that have already offered their assistance to meet Governor Kemp’s call for all Georgia manufacturers, distributors and innovators who are able to support the state’s response efforts to this evolving pandemic. Georgia Department of Economic Development is helping to organize this endeavor, and thus we encourage you to visit the Georgia COVID-19 Response page to learn how you might get involved.

The innovative solutions that we have already seen from Georgians to protect our healthcare workers, first responders, and fellow neighbors are nothing short of impressive. Every day I hear a new story of ingenuity and promise. Concert venues are transforming into factories; whiskey distilleries are focusing their efforts on making hand sanitizer; and production artists are sewing hospital masks instead of costumes.

It is this kind of collaboration and creativity that will enable our state to confront this global pandemic. If you believe your enterprise is able to provide, produce, distribute or store critical heath care items needed to fight the spread of COVID-19, please fill out this informational form here.

Small businesses are the backbone of this state, and I want to thank you for your assistance in this time of need.

– Pat Wilson, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development


Governor Brian P. Kemp today called on all Georgia businesses who are able to help the state provide, produce, distribute, or store critical health care items needed to fight the spread of COVID-19. To complete the information form, visit: www.georgia.org/covid19response

“As our state’s hardworking healthcare workers and first responders stand on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, it is our job to come together as Georgians and arm them with the necessary resources to keep them safe and effective,” said Governor Kemp. “Now more than ever, I am confident in both our nation and our state’s ability to work in solidarity as we continue to fight spread of COVID-19. I ask all Georgia businesses who are able to support us in the fight against this global pandemic.”

Critical items include: N-95 masks or equivalent, air purifying machines, face shields, hair covers, hand sanitizer, hospital beds, gloves (various sizes – nitrile or latex-free), negative pressure machines, no-touch thermometers (regular if no-touch are not available), safety goggles, sanitation units, sanitizing spray, sanitizing wipes, shoe covers, surgical masks, Tyvek suits, and ventilators.

Businesses able to provide assistance and resources with factories already up and running, or facilities that can be repurposed for these vital products, are asked to complete an informational form online HERE. This is simply for the purpose of collecting information. Submission of the form will not equate to a commitment by the state of Georgia to purchase.

As part of this mission, the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) is actively working to identify manufacturers and distributors across the state who have in their inventory, or could produce, distribute, or store critical health care supplies that are already limited in supply or may become scarce in the weeks ahead.

“We could not be more grateful for the dedication our medical workers, first responders, and partners have shown during this challenging time. They consistently continue to make Georgians’ health and safety their number one priority,” said GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson. “As we fight COVID-19 and its expanded consequences together, we thank our Georgia businesses who have stepped up to help our state and pledge the continued full support of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.”


The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is receiving offers from medical professionals and other individuals looking for ways to help with the COVID-19 response. An effective response relies on volunteers who are pre-credentialed and organized. Georgia Responds is Georgia’s health and medical volunteer program which matches the skills and credentials of medical and non-medical volunteers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia. Sign Up HERE

Medical volunteers may be used to answer medical questions coming into the COVID-19 hotline or assist at test specimen collection sites. Non-medical volunteers may be used in administrative roles at either the call center or test collection sites or provide interpretation or other skills as needed..

To volunteer, log on to https://dph.georgia.gov/georgia-responds and click on the “Register Now” box. Registration only takes a few minutes. Prospective volunteers will be asked for their name, address, contact information, and occupation type. In order to be eligible for some assignments, responders are encouraged to complete a profile summary, which includes skills and certifications, training, medical history, emergency contact, and deployment preferences. Once your skills and credentials are reviewed, you will be notified by a DPH representative.


Kabbage Inc., launched www.helpsmallbusiness.com to support small businesses financially impacted by COVID-19. The initiative is a call-to-action across the U.S., enabling anyone to purchase an online gift certificate from participating small businesses to provide them with crucial financial support. Certificates can be redeemed in full after they’re issued or in the future when the crisis has subsided.


Donors Urgently Needed to Give Blood.  Right now, eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to provide lifesaving blood products to patients. Please give now.  Click HERE to find your nearest location.


Help make sure all families have the food they need. The Atlanta Community Food Bank is working to safely deliver food to those who are struggling to find their next meal. www.acfb.org


Foodfinder.us is a safe, secure and award-winning mobile and web app based in Georgia that gives food insecure children and their families a way to find free food assistance programs quickly.