TAG DevOps Past Events

2015 Past Events

March: TAG Systems Engineering Presents: Engineering Complex Systems with Open Source Solutions featuring The Weather Channel. IT Leaders from The Weather Company spoke about complex systems with open source solutions. Weather.com is in the top 20 of most used web sites in the world, their mobile apps are in the top 5 of most used daily applications and we have the largest API platform on the planet with over 150,000 individual users, so wouldn’t you like to meet the team behind the curtain?

  •     George Lott, Senior Vice President, Television Technology at The Weather Channel
  •     Shaun Smith, VP Global Technology Operation at The Weather Channel
  •     Stephanie Norris, Director of Product Management, Infrastructure Services at The Weather Company
  •     Jeannie Enlow, Director, Content Management Systems at The Weather Channel

April: Andrew Howard presented “Engineering Secure Systems” featuring globally recognized security expert. Mr. Howard is the Director of Cyber Technology and Information Security Lab (CTISL) at the Georgia Technology Research Institute (GTRI). Mr. Howard explored the various cyber security challenges faced when designing complex systems. In today’s digital information threat environment organizations must react quickly to new threats that appear with ever increasing frequency. They can do this by continuing to implement more and more add-on layers of equipment and software to their enterprise networks or they can take a more practical and sustaining systems engineering approach and design and engineer security directly into system as a whole.

Mr. Howard also discussed example use cases where the application of fundamental systems engineering principles can lead to much more secure systems. He will also highlight security flaws with operational systems that could have been avoided using a system approach.

2014 Past Events

May: TAG Systems Engineering Present Exposing SE: How Different aspects play into different industries featuring AT&T, SunTrust, & Turner. TAG Systems Engineering in this fascinating panel of individuals from three highly influential Atlanta-based corporations as they discuss how this new view of “systems” and systems engineering is affecting their worlds, and what they are doing about it. The panelists included :

  • Kathy Kay, SVP of Application Delivery Services- SunTrust,
  • Brad Mohs, VP of Technology, Cloud Platforms and Architecture- AT&T, 
  • Matthew Drooker, VP of Technology, Planning and Architecture- Turner

September: TAG Systems Engineering Presents: Beyond Executive Control: The Integration of Humans and Technology featuring Dr. Dennis J. Folds of GA Tech. Fascinating discussion Tools and animal power shifted humans into controllers of technology that was entirely dependent on human intelligence to function, and it enabled humanity to greatly increase in numbers and in intelligence. Computing shifted humans into supervisors of technology, still making use of superior human intelligence but also allowing machine intelligence to greatly improve under human supervision. Intelligent machines shift humans into executives who decide when and how to use those capabilities, but are not needed for performance. It is reasonable to project that machine intelligence will progress so that it does not need or desire human executive control. We can't credibly project where it will go from there, other than it will go somewhere.

  • Dr. Dennis J. Folds, Chief Scientist- GTRI

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December: TAG Systems Engineering Presents: The Weather Channel: Digital Revolution Enabling Business Transformation featuring Bryson Koehler. Fire-side Chat" with CIO Bryson Koehler of The Weather Company talking about how various new systems and technology are impacting how you get your weather and get around. Technology is changing the future of TV, mobile applications, apps in your cars, and hyper-localization. Bryson will also discuss the impact of weather on how and when businesses advertise and how they operate.


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