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2020 Calendar of Events:

Sales Leadership Awards
May 6
6:00 - 9:00 PM 
The Stave Room
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2020 Events



May 6 - Sales Leadership Awards 

Awards Recognized Georgia's High Performing Technology Sales Leaders

The TAG Sales Leadership Awards recognized high performing local technology sales leaders that embody the ideals of servant oriented leadership and innovation. This is an annual event where metro community leaders come together to celebrate and recognize individual excellence in the sales leadership in Atlanta.

2019 Honorees

Jon Birdsong, Atlanta Ventures

Emily Hyde, Advocate Insider

Brett Kelly, NCR




Patti Dismukes, Hunter Technical 

Alex Bruce, Rural Sourcing

George Clarke, OxBlue




Brian Smith, AA-ISP

Akshay Birla, Radix

Kat Charlot, Akamai




Brad Crosby, Stibo Systems

Joey Goodson, Vonage

Lee Pressley, Medallia




Bruce Hembree, Ciena

Tanya Counter, SalesForce

Kim Schwendemen, Elavon




Bart Andolino, Lexmark

Ruth VanDuzer, SecureWorks

Keith Jones, Deputy


Sales Leadership Awards Full List of all 2019 Nominees

Sales Leadership Awards Highlight Reel

TAG Sales Leadership Awards Servant Leadership Fireside Chat


Click here to learn about the TAG Sales Leadership Mentor/Mentee Program!


The TAG Sales Leadership society serves executive sales management professionals and sales operations leaders in the Georgia Technology Community. 


We endeavor to create and cultivate a community of resources and relationships for sales leaders and sales operations professionals to collaborate, learn, discover and leverage significant trends, enabling them to best navigate complex business challenges that are impacting sales organizations.  


To be the premier point of connection within TAG and the Greater Georgia Business community for Sales Leaders to collaborate, network, discover and share.


To create a valuable and sustainable programmatic ecosystem that educates the business community and cultivates sales leadership and sales operational centers of excellence across Georgia.

Who we seek as Members & Attendees

  • Executive Sales Managers and Leaders
  • Sales Operations Executives and Leaders
  • Future Sales and Sales Operations Leaders
  • Sales Focused Vendors and other supporting stakeholders within Sales Organizations  
  • Accomplished Sales Leaders willing to provide mentorship to ambitious sales executives
  • Companies willing to have their employees benefit from this ongoing learning & contributing experience.
  • Companies with a desire to increase their brand awareness with key leaders in the GA business community.

We encourage and seek members and attendees that have responsibility for leading, managing, supporting and driving sales organizations as well as other stakeholder(s) and vendors who support sales organizations.  Additionally, we seek members and attendees who seek to become future sales leaders and executives.   


Our program’s central theme will revolve around trends, challenges and best practices relating to sales organizations, and will be offered by the most accomplished executives and sales leaders in the GA community.

Meeting Frequency and Format

Our member meetings will be structured to provide ample networking time, arrange for a society-relevant presentation and a focused panel discussion comprised of subject matter experts and sales leaders.

TAG Sales Leadership Mentor/Mentee Program

TAG members interested in engaging in a mentoring relationship complete an application. Mentors interested in serving as a mentor to a junior sales leader do as well. TAG Sales Leadership program managers will use the information to assist in matching interested members and mentors. 

Matches will be made on the basis of best fit with the available mentor pool. After an initial pairing is made, both mentor and mentee will need to confirm interest in moving forward with a mentoring engagement. 

Click here for the mentor/mentee application.

Click here to download a PDF with more information about the program.

Click here to download the Participant Guide. 

For more information about TAG Sales Leadership, please contact the society liaison Rebecca Markusson

Miss a Past Event? Keynotes and panel discussions are recorded and can be accessed below:

November 2018 - Democratization of Value: Value Selling for Everyone, Made Possible (Finally!) - "Selling Value" is one of the most over-used and poorly executed principles in selling.  Buyers on the other hand say sellers who communicate value from the buyer's perspective is highly coveted and sought after.  

August 2018 -
Sales Leadership/Marketing: Why  Haven't We Solved the Alignment Dilemma? What does it take to bring Sales, Marketing & Customer Service together as One Team? - While the conversation about the importance of alignment is much more prominent than in years past, there are still opportunities for companies to make alignment a key priority.

May 2018 –
AI and the Impact on Sales - In this session, our keynote speaker discussed how sales leaders need to be planning their AI strategy if they aren’t already. In the panel discussion, panelists discussed the “how” to implement effectively. Examples of best practices will also be discussed.

October 2017: On October 19th at SalesLoft's new headquarters, TAG Sales Leadership Society presented Evolving Sales Operations, where keynote speaker Steven Jameson, Managing Partner with ALTAVI will kick off with some of the greatest challenges and solution's emerging in sales operations today. 

 August 2017: On August 23rd at Atlanta Tech Village, the keynote speaker JC Quintana, took us through interactive exercises focused on designing great customer experiences. Thanks to our podcast sponsor SalesWise, you can listen to JC's podcast interview to understand why relationships are key to business success:

May 2017 Event: Keynote featuring Mike Drapeau, SBI Partner delivers: Sales Org Design: What is the “Right” Sales Structure? Learn how top sales leaders design, build and structure their organizations to best serve disparate customer segments and new markets.  

A Panel featuring Tom Thomason, SVP of Revenue, Parkmobile; Andrew Somoza, President, uBack; John Smith, Chief Sales Officer at CareerBuilder begin with the first question: How do you know when to stop hiring reps when trying to expand your sales force?

2017 Sales Leadership Awards: Keynote by Lisa Mcleod, President of McLeod & Moore and author, entitled “Selling with Noble Purpose.”

Award categories include Start-up or Growth Award, Medium Award, Operations Award, Inside Sales Award, Large Award, and Community Leadership Award.

November 2016 Event:  Keynote featuring Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO of SalesLoft, delivers a dynamic presentation on what it takes to build a high-velocity sales organization, having built one that went from $0 to $8 million AAR in less than 3 years.

Moderated by Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling. Panelists: Tyce Miller, MobileMind CEO, Brian Simms, Rubicon Global Chief Sales Officer and Wanda Truxillo, World Motors1 DBA MotorQueen Chief Revenue Officer.

September 2016 Event: Keynote featuring Mark McGraw, President & Owner of Sales Engine LLC, a Sander Training Company delivers a keynote, “How to Avoid the Sins of Rapid Growth Sales Management,” outlining the common mistakes of building sales organizations in high growth, high velocity situations and how to circumvent those mistakes.

Panel featuring Mark McGraw as moderator, Gavin Harris, VP of Sales at SalesFusion, Earne Bentley, Director of Sales at Origami Risk and Adrian Fallow, EVP at SalesForce describe their own experience in rapid growth sales cultures to achieve success and averting mistakes that slow sales acceleration.

June 2016 Event: Keynote featuring Tom Snyder, Founder VorsightBP delivers a keynote “Building a High Performance Sales Culture” at a meeting focused on how dynamic organizations intentionally build consistently performing sales cultures.

Panel featuring Scott Miller, Founder & CEO; Paul Schmitz, Client Solutions Transportation Insight VP; Frank Tumminia, Qgenda Sales VP; Tom Snyder, Founder VorsightBP; Johnny Walker, Executive Coach, Integrity Solutions with sales leaders who have built and leveraged sustainable sales cultures on the challenges, hierarchy of priorities, documentation, implementation process and more. 

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