The TAG Manufacturing society connects people, organizations, and companies that utilize technology in manufacturing production and the supporting supply chain. Manufacturing has a significant impact on Georgia’s economy, accounting for output of over $50 billion, 90% of the state’s exports, and employment of over 350,000 people. Advances in technology have enabled manufacturing to become very high-tech, which is why manufacturing is expanding, including companies that are “reshoring”.  Indeed, manufacturing is not a “stand-alone” industry; it is part of a much broader supply chain and affects or is affected by an array of other industries and technologies.  As such, many of our events are in partnership with other TAG societies, enabling TAG Manufacturing to leverage expertise in a variety of industries and technology areas to provide broad, rich, and relevant content to its members.  Past society events have focused on the Industrial Internet of Things, Operational Excellence, Smart Energy, Infrastructure, and Advanced Manufacturing technologies.


  • Create a community for leaders in manufacturing to connect and network
  • Provide educational opportunities which allow visibility to emerging trends in manufacturing
  • Promote personal and professional growth through networking

BENEFITS from Participation in TAG Manufacturing include:

  • Meeting others with similar interests, issues, and professional challenges
  • Exposure to information and ideas that allow many leaders to think and act innovatively
  • Opportunity to learn new perspectives on critical issues and emerging trends
  • Exposure to new business opportunities

For more information about TAG Manufacturing, please contact the society liaison
Tiffany Stewart at 404.920.2011 or

 Upcoming Events:

August 11-13, 2019: National MBE Manufacturer's Summit 

Upcoming Events


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