Minority tech entrepreneurs participate fully in
Georgia’s growth economy

Tech Entrepreneurial Growth provides avenues for Georgia’s minority technology entrepreneurs to gain equity for acquiring venture capital or access corporate contracting. This initiative includes TAG Connect (an annual event), TAG Invest Connect, TAG Connect – Meet the Buyers and a Pre-Seed Business Development Referral program.

“By leveraging tools to create wealth, cultivate future leaders, and strengthen communities, our mission is to broaden access to customer acquisition and venture capital to achieve equality.”
-Dr. Loretta Daniels, CDP, Director, TAG Bridge Builder

What We Do:

  • TAG Connect – Meet The Buyers Lunch Session
    • This tri-annual event connects minority tech entrepreneurs (the seller) with access to procurement opportunities.
    • Designed for the seller to present business services/products to the buyer (a TAG Member organization), the events are hosted by a TAG Member organization.
    • Participants will be required to meet the criteria before being accepted to participate. The program will be designed to track the outcomes.
  • TAG Invest Connect

    • Provides access to venture capital to achieve economic equality; it is a vehicle to build wealth, develop future leaders, and strengthen communities.
    • Participants are required to meet the criteria before being accepted to participate.
  • Pre-Seed Business Resources
    • This program is designed to connect Disadvantaged IT entrepreneurs that need help getting ready to present their businesses for funding.



  • Supporting our local Tech Entrepreneur Events:
    • CodeLaunch is the seed accelerator event that pairs early stage tech startups with professional software development teams to accelerate their trajectory toward MVP, seed funding, and beyond

TAG Connect 1.24.23 Recap

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TAG Connect: an event that connects Black tech entrepreneurs (sellers) with access to procurement
opportunities from buyers.

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