Program Overview


  • Succession planning is a systematic and targeted activity. Identifying and supporting existing high-potential future tech organizational leaders may ensure leadership continuity and achieve your organization’s strategic goals. 
  • Building a solid leadership pipeline in the technology sector requires integrating cultural inclusion as well as nurturing and developing talent at all stages in an organization’s business plan. Succession planning is the most effective technique for ensuring individual preparation and future growth.
  • The Succession Planning for Tech Leaders Certificate is intended to assist in aligning your organization’s succession planning and tech talent development activities with your business strategy by providing a practical, yet persuasive framework to guide your team’s efforts.

Program Benefits

  • Identification of HiPo Future Tech Leaders
  • Cultural Inclusiveness for Diverse Leadership Representation
  • Improved Retention
  • Elimination of Advancement Barriers (Social Capital and Bias)
  • Business Continuity
  • Revenue Growth
  • Reduced Attrition


This course is designed for HR practitioners who want a more disciplined and evidence-based approach to their organization’s succession planning and talent development efforts. Some relevant titles include:

  • HR Manager, Sr Manager
  • HR Director, Sr Director, VP
  • HR Business Partner
  • Professionals in Talent Management
  • Organizational Development Professional


The Succession Planning for Tech Leaders Certificate is a 4-month program, offering eight, two-hour interactive instructor-led online training sessions. 

This four month program is intended to help organizations evaluate their current succession plans and pinpoint areas needing improvement (such as social capital and bias analysis) to advance an inclusive HiPo selection process. The program also provides a framework for constructing a new inclusive succession plan to develop inclusive career pathways to senior-level leadership positions.

The Succession Planning for Tech Leaders Certificate program increases the organization’s overall capability by:

  • Identifying essential positions and emphasizing prospective openings
  • Choosing the necessary continuation of business talents and skills
  • Placing more emphasis on personal and professional growth to fulfill future organizational needs

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and prepare high-potential individuals to transition into
    culturally diverse senior leadership positions
  2. Evaluate essential positions and emphasize potential vacancies
  3. Choose critical talents and skills required for business continuity
  4. Provide priority pathways for individual growth to satisfy future
    corporate goals and objectives
  5. Develop universal organizational processes and procedures for an
    inclusive succession planning global execution

Course Titles and Schedule: Coming Soon

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