Bridging the GAP

We build too many walls and not enough bridges. The Technology Association of Georgia has launched Bridge Builders to remove the walls impeding progress and diversity in Georgia. Bridge Builders is a Social Justice & Equity initiative designed to bring the technology and business community together to drive change. 


TAG's Commitment to SJ&E

Let’s Ensure:

  • Georgia’s technology workforce reflects state’s overall workforce
  • Black tech professionals advance mid-level managerial and senior leadership positions
  • Black tech entrepreneurs participate fully in Georgia’s growth economy

Let's Close the Chasm in Georgia

#6 Ranking in start-up opportunity


Black-funded or led tech start-ups


Black-owned businesses


Black tech workforce vs. 32% of population


Percent of Black managers in tech

The Bridge to More Inclusion

The goals are clear and attainable. Bridge Builders aims to create a more equitable technology workforce representative of our population. Specifically, in the next five years, Bridge Builders wants to advance 1,000 Black people in technology careers over the next 5 years through:


  • Helping people gain the right skills

  • Connecting entrepreneurs with needed resources

  • Promoting career paths in technology


Bridge Builders will advocate for minorities to achieve higher level management and executive jobs through TAG member companies, public advocacy, and programming.
Additionally, the initiative aims for more diverse membership in all TAG boards, societies, committees, and task forces with a goal of 25 percent of people from diverse backgrounds by end of 2023.

Bridge Builders Staff

Dr. Loretta Daniels

Director, TAG Bridge Builders

Larry K. Williams

TAG President & CEO

Jordan Colbert


TAG SJ&E Principles


Unimpeded resources and opportunities


Equal Opportunities Across our Community


We engage diverse people and groups


All engagement is inclusive

Human Rights

We protect and honor all individuals