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TAG Webinar: A Transformative Approach to IT Sourcing


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World class Procurement organizations understand that Strategic Sourcing is more than simply resourcing your IT commodities. It's about:

  • Removing risk and reducing costs within the IT supply base.
  • Addressing the entire lifecycle of the IT asset to obtain optimal value.
  • Determining the right sourcing methodology and supplier to accomplish your enterprise objectives.

In this 30 Minute Session, you will hear about a unique approach to IT sourcing, which focuses on process optimization to achieve sustainable savings and ongoing opportunity.

  • Discover how incorporating a Tollgate Process with IT sourcing will increase efficiency
  • Uncover new opportunities by aligning Sourcing Strategy with Business Technical Strategy
  • Learn the benefits of using Software Asset Management (S.A.M) in negotiations or audits

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Craig Cates
AVP, Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing

Craig Cates has more than two decades of strategic sourcing and supply chain leadership experience. He has developed a sharp eye for how businesses can drive cost savings, control costs and improve alignment of sales and operations planning.

Raj Verma
TAG BPM, Chair

Raj Verma has over 20 years of experience in sourcing, procurement and overall supply chain management. He currently specializes in providing strategic procurement solutions to both the private and public sectors.

Prior to joining MetaProcure, Raj spent 10 years driving sourcing and procurement initiatives for GE Power and GE Corporate. During that time he also served as a Black Belt to drive process improvement for the organization. He is currently the Board Chair for the Business Process Management Board of Georgia.

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