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Innovators aren’t born. They’re made.

Make your team innovation experts

In today’s aggressive and globally competitive environment, the ability to innovate is a strategic must for an organization’s growth and success. That’s why we created Innovator’s Accelerator®.

Led by the world’s most respected thought leaders on innovation, Innovator’s Accelerator features lectures and real-world case studies to give your employees valuable inside information on how trailblazing startups—and Fortune 500 companies—
have leveraged innovative thinking to drive success.

Innovator’s Accelerator is an engaging and scalable learning solution that allows companies to empower their workforce with the critical skills needed to make an immediate and transformational impact.

IAx is a deep-dive, online learning experience designed for employees who want to learn how to think and act more creatively. It features three of the world’s most respected authorities on innovation, each of whom has spent decades studying business innovators and the techniques they use to come up with creative ideas.

IAx has been created specifically for intra-organization teams. By working together, participants will get an infusion of fresh ideas and solutions to energize your organization and develop a common innovation language that fosters transformation in workplace culture.

With IAx, your employees will...

  • Develop radically practical skills to create trailblazing solutions to workplace challenges.
  • Break the confines of traditional thinking to ignite bold ideas.
  • Learn to overcome obstacles and drive change through your organization.

To Learn More or to Register yourself or a cohort, contact Lowell Pratt at or 404-526-6032


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Key Features

30 hours of learning
Immersive learning experience helps participants learn how to increase innovation in your organization.

Private or mixed company cohorts
Groups of fewer than 15 employees will join a cohort with participants from other organizations. Groups of more than 15 will participate in a private cohort targeted to your organization’s specific business issues.

Team-based learning with coach
Participants start and finish the learning experience with their cohort, and learn through collaborative, team-based projects with a dedicated IA coach to inspire and engage.

Customized Innovation Challenge
Participants get immediate practice and application of the 5 core innovation skills through a team-based challenge designed to address a specific need in your organization.


IAx Overview

Week 1
1. Innovation In Context

Week 2
2. Your Innovation Potential: The 5 Skills
3. Understanding the Customer's Job to be Done

Week 3
4. Questioning Skills
5. Creating New Markets with Growth Innovation
6. Observing Skills
7. Networking Skills

Week 4
8. Maintaining Success with Sustaining Innovation
9. Experimenting Skills
10. Displacing the Leaders with Efficiency Innovation
11. Associating Skills

Week 5
12. Business Model innovation
13. Inside the innovative Organization:3 Ps

Week 6
14. Balancing Discovering and Delivery
15. Processes: Organizing for Innovation
16. Philosophies: Strategies Are Not Eternal

Week 7
17. Overcoming Financial Innovation Killers
18. Overcoming Non-Financial Innovation Killers
19. Leading innovation




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