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Tech Talks

The Technology Association of Georgia in Savannah is striving to create a more tightly knitted technology community so that ideas and best practices can be shared amongst those with similar interests. These monthly talks are open to the community and will give attendees the opportunity to learn about technology in the market.

These events will be held on the third Thursday of every month at 9am at the Creators' Foundry, 415 W Boundary St, Savannah, GA 31401.

Upcoming April 22nd Tech Talk Sponsor(s)

Speaker and Sponsorship Slots Open

If you are interested in being a speaker at a monthly Tech Talk or sponsoring the event then please reach out to Casey Herrington by emailing him at casey@tagonline.org.

TAG Field Trips

Get out of the office, join a good group of people and gain some insight on the operations of local establishments. This program is aimed to educate members about technology that currently exists in Savannah. Tour facilities such JCB or Gulfstream and leave with a better understanding of whats already going on in Savannah. 

University Speaker Series

Join TAG Savannah as we bring technology minds to local college campuses to help cultivate a STEM mindset for both the students and faculty.

The location of these events will alternate between Armstrong, Georgia Southern, Savannah State, Savannah Tech and SCAD. These events will be held over lunch.

Speaker and Sponsorship Slots Open

If you are interested in being a speaker or sponsoring the event then please reach out to Casey Herrington by emailing him at casey@tagonline.org.

Day of Code

This is an opportunity for teachers, students and individuals of all ages to learn more about building and programming computers. You can get involved by incorporating fun and innovative coding activities for Georgia’s classrooms or encourage employees to spend at least one hour learning to code through one of the code.org tutorials for all skill levels. 


This is a day for schools, students, teachers, and companies to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering and math! You can get involved by volunteering to speak at a local school about your exciting STEM career, host a field trip for students at your business for local students and/or
promote STEM Day by providing resources and activity ideas for participants. 

Internship Placement Program

This program provides real-world experiences for high-achieving students with strong STEM aptitude. Students are placed in companies interested in investing in STEM talent and impacting the future technology workforce. Matches are based on related interests, qualifications, and project requirements. 

TAG Member Mixers

These TAG member only events will be held afterhours and they give you a laid back atmosphere where you can get to know your fellow TAG members.

2016 Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference

The Technology Association of Georgia Savannah is partnering with Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center to host this years event. The follow outlines the conference objectives:

  • Discuss implications of the Affordable Care Act on changes in traditional clinical practice for health professionals and patients
  • Review the role of prevention on the cost of health care in the United States
  • Describe the transition in reimbursement from volume vs. value expected over the next three years
  • Review current data highlighting the need to prepare providers to address the management of the largest and fastest growing US patient population – those with chronic conditions
  • Explore the implementation of evidence to direct standard of care and promote optimal outcomes in chronic conditions
  • Discuss interdisciplinary collaboration and collective community partnerships to promote and support health and wellness
  • Describe new technology across care settings and the role for the future for patients with chronic conditions
  • Awarding a healthcare establishment with the 1st annual WellTech Award.
  • Participate in active discussion with health policy and clinical practice leaders on the intersection between policy and practice

This conference will be held March 31st - April 2nd 2016. For more detailed information please click here.

Savannah Hack-a-thon

TAG Savannah will be hosting a civic hack-a-thon in April of 2016 at the Guild Hall. This will be a two day event, and the theme of the hack-a-thon will be released by mid-January with the parameters being released at the begining of the event.

Sponsorship Slots Open

If you are interested in sponsoring the event then please reach out to Casey Herrington by emailing him at casey@tagonline.org.

Business & Technology Awards

TAG Savannah will be celebrating companies that being innovative in their use of technology to solve problems. This event will encompass a showcase along with a banquet for participating companies. Companies will have the option to apply or nominate another company for excelling in one of the categories. This event will take place in the Fall of 2016 and the applications along with the award categories will be released by Febuary 2016.

Speaker and Sponsor Slots Open

If you're interested in sponsoring this event then please reach out to Casey Herrington by emailing him at casey@tagonline.org

Town Hall Meetings

Have your voice heard at these two Town Hall Meetings where TAG lobbyist and politians gather to discuss the legislative agenda for the area.

CIO Roundtable

These invite only roundtables aimed at bringing together Savannah's CIOs to discuss pressing technology issues. The location for the roundtable alternates. If you are a CIO or IT Director that is interested in participating in these discussions then please email Casey Herrington at casey@tagonline.org

Veterans Career Fair

TAG puts on annual Hire-A-Hero Career Fairs hosted on the various military bases. These events are just a small way that we can give back to the soldiers who have fought for our freedom. 

TAG Savannah will partner with Hunter Army Airfield to connect local talent with local jobs. Booth availbility will be released as this event approaches.


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