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Q:  What if there are not 12 classes on the calendar for this year that I think are relevant?

A:  The passes do not expire – the classes will roll over until the next calendar year.

Q:  Does it have to be the same employee who uses the pass every time?

A:  No, any employee in your company that you choose to send can use the pass.


Q:  Do I have to keep track of the pass, the employees that used it and how many classes are left?

A:  No, TAG will send you a report quarterly detailing your company’s use of the pass and any classes that remain on the pass.

Q:  What if I want to send more than one employee to a single class; can I do that with my pass?

A:  No, but we can sell you additional passes at an additional discount.


Q: Can I or my employees register for the class using the pass?  How does that work?

A:  Yes – each Training Pass sold will have a unique discount code that allows you to register for the class at the discounted rate.

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