2016 TAG & CompTIA DC Fly-In

Important DC Fly-In Information

CompTIA provided a correspondence regarding your upcoming trip to DC. We wanted to send along a few other details that pertain solely to Georgia. Please see below:

TAG’s 2016 State and Federal Legislative Agenda
CompTIA and TAG’s Federal Policy Priorities
EPCA Reform Leave Behind
Georgia Delegation Bios
Scheduled Appointments
Troutman Sanders Reception Invite
National Technology Security Coalition Fact Sheet

Tino and Heather will lead the two groups visiting with the Georgia delegation on Wednesday, February 10th. Do not worry, you will get a download of all the information you will need to know before you speak with legislators!

If you have questions or want to do a little “studying” before coming to DC, there are two recommendations. One, if you were not able to join us for the webinar on “What to Expect” HERE is a link to a webinar and to the slides that gives you background on the Fly-In. Two, you can also view the DC Fly-In Briefing book. There will be a hard copy of the Briefing book awaiting you at registration. 

Should you need anything during your trip, please contact one of the following:

• Heather Maxfield, 770-826-4916, heather@tagonline.org
• Joseph Santoro, 404-694-8523, joseph@tagonline.org
• Kimberly Steele, 404-406-0220, kimberly@tagonline.org
• Tino Mantella, 678-984-8528, tino@tagonline.org
• Joe Rubin, 202-557-4180, joseph.rubin@AGG.com (CompTIA Liaison)

Lastly, in honor of the fact that this year is a Presidential Election year, we wanted to give this DC Fly-In a little extra spice. CompTIA is holding a contest to predict the results of the New Hampshire GOP and Democratic Primaries. The individual who correctly guesses the outcome will win an Amazon Echo. On-line submission and the rules of the contest are here: http://bit.ly/NHPrimaryPoll. The contest will remain open until 1 pm on February 9th!

We are all excited to see you next week. Feel free to connect if you have any questions!


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