Steen Miles (D)

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Steen Miles, Candidate U.S. Senate

Q2: Currently in Georgia, and around the Nation, there is a shortage of talent to fill open technology positions. TAG feels part of this issue is due to current H1B Visa policies that hinder highly educated foreign students from staying within the United States to work. What is your position on H1B Visas as well as border protection and illegal immigration? Would you be willing to address the H1B visa issue as a standalone issue in congress?

Immigration reform is imperative, but with a path to citizenship. Also, the education of foreign should be recognized just as our educational achievements are recognized in other countries. I would be in favor of addressing the H1B visa issue as part of immigration reform and as a standalone issue if necessary.

Q3: Ensuring students have a 21st century digital infrastructure with access to broadband internet, and fourth generation (4G) wireless networks has become a critical issue nationally. How do you feel congress can address this access issue? Do you feel the federal and state government can work together to bring access to Georgia’s students?

Broadband in every school should be a national goal. Congress can best address this access issue by allocating funds to districts that do not have the means to fund this vitally important initiative. President Obama has funds for increased broadband access in his 2015 budget. Congress should pass it in a bi-partisan effort. absolutely federal and state governments should work together to bring access to Georgia students.

Q4: Cybersecurity has become an issue not only for consumers (i.e. Target’s recent data breach) but also for small and medium sized companies. Do you feel there should be a blanket approach to setting regulations regarding cybersecurity? Should companies be held accountable for the information they lose? How can our government assist in protecting consumers and business owners from these types of security breaches?

cybersecurity is a growing national problem. since the internet is not isolated to one particular state, having national standards and policies on cybersecurity seems logical. Companies should be held accountable for the information they lose, particularly if standards are in place and not adhered to. Our government can assist in protecting consumers and business owners from security breaches by enacting legislation with stiff penalties for hackers and others who engage in fraudulent cyber activity.

Q5: STEM education has become an important part of Georgia schools and is crucial in filling US jobs. As a nation, the United States has dropped in the STEM rankings among other nations. How can we better prepare STEM students for the 21st century work force? How can congress assist schools in the implementation of STEM? What ideas do you have to make STEM a priority nationally?

By incentivizing states to ramp up STEM education. Increased public private partnerships in rewarding school systems and students who excel in science, technology, engineering and math through scholarships and job driven curriculi.

Q6: The House of Representatives passed a bill addressing patent reform (The Innovation Act HB3309, which was overwhelmingly bipartisan with a 325 yea-vote and 91 no-vote count), and the issue of patent trolling. Currently, the bill resides in the Senate. If this legislation is not passed during 2014, what steps will you take to insure this legislation continues to move through the process?

I would work in the Senate to get the bill called up and vote for it seeking help from advocacy groups to get the measure brought back up out of committee.

Q7: What ways do you feel our government and, you specifically, can encourage entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit in America? President Obama stated “We should be making it easier and faster to turn new ideas into new jobs and new businesses. And we should knock down any barriers that stand in the way. Because if we’re going to create jobs now and in the future, we’re going to have to out-build and out-educate and out-innovate every other country on Earth.” After reading this statement, what reactions do you have to his ideas on assisting entrepreneurs?

For starters I am in full agreement with the president. In addition, he is not just spouting rhetoric, but has in his budget funds to assist new business startups in addition to provding necessary funding to ramp up technical education and protect grants and other aide for students interested in entering technical fields and becoming entrepreneurs.

Q8: If elected, how will you work to balance our nation’s budget? Will you support innovation and technology within the budget?

There are three main ways to balance the budget in my view. Spur economic growth. Mitigate skyrocketing income inequality. Close corporate tax loopholes so that corporate entities begin to pay their fair share. Raise the minimum wage. Fewer people are forced to seek government aide when they make a decent salary. Keep American jobs in America. We have tried to incentivize. It is time to penalize the companies that continue to take American jobs out of America. Yes I will support innovation and technology within the budget.

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