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Analyst Bios


James Wester                                                                                       

Research Director, IDC Financial Insights                                             


Name: James Wester

Title: Research Director, IDC Financial Insights    


James Wester is Research Director for IDC Financial Insights responsible for the global payments practice.  His core research coverage includes the evolution of payment networks and technology, developing fraud and security risks, and legal and regulatory issues. Based on his background covering the mobile payment space, his research also includes a particular emphasis on mobile and alternative payment methods and the threats and opportunities now facing the entire payment ecosystem from evolving mobile technologies. James blogs as part of the IDC Insights Community.


Previously, James was founding editor of Mobile Payments Today, the first news site dedicated to mobile payments, commerce and financial services. He also served as an affiliate analyst with Yankee Group covering mobile and emerging payments. Prior to launching Mobile Payments Today, he was Director of Corporate Communications for merchant acquirer Chase Paymentech. Before joining Chase Paymentech, he worked for AOL LLC managing the company’s $60 million payment budget and serving as the internal subject matter expert on payments, data security and best practices.



  • M.S in IT Management from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce
  • B.A. in English/Communications from Drury University
  • Frequent speaker, presenter and moderator at industry conferences as well as providing analysis for multiple media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and Re/Code.

Information Security

Title:  Disruptors and Incumbents Face Off in the Mobile Payments Arena

Speaker: James Wester, Research Director, IDC Financial Insights


Who will dominate the future payments infrastructure? Incumbents like credit-card networks and banks or would-be disruptors like Apple, Square, and Facebook? Consumers have come to expect transactional convenience, reliability, and security, all of which are enormously challenging to establish and maintain at global scale. Running beneath the surface of today’s web, mobile, and social-media operations, traditional payments providers are still the foundation and will be difficult to displace. On the other hand, that reality might hobble necessary innovation and change. Attend this presentation to gain a greater understanding of the future secure-payments landscape.



Thad Peterson                                                                                      

Senior Analyst, Aite Group                                                                                   

Thad Peterson


Name: Thad Peterson

Title: Senior Analyst, Aite Group


Thad Peterson is a senior analyst with Aite Group, focusing on the evolution of the payment space, the customer payment experience, and merchant acquiring.


Recognized as a global thought leader in payments, Thad has a proven track record of identifying and developing new opportunities and technologies in payments and financial services. He has relevant expertise in applying customer behavior to the payments ecosystem in both corporate and startup environments. Thad’s consulting background includes engagements on credit and debit cards, mobile payments, airline payment platforms, consumer and merchant loyalty, payment technology evolution, stored value, and product innovation. He holds patents in customer authentication and real-time mobile-enabled loyalty.


Prior to joining Aite Group, Thad led the mobile commerce practice at inCode Consulting and was managing director of Maritz Real-Time Rewards, leading the company’s mission to build a new industry standard at the nexus of transactional marketing and consumer engagement. While at Maritz, he also served as a division vice president, sector strategy, heading up strategy and solutions development for Maritz’s financial sector. Before joining Maritz, Thad was a partner with global financial services and payments firm Edgar, Dunn & Company, where he led the retail banking, loyalty, and emerging technology practice areas, working with retail banks, card issuers and processors, airline consortiums, new payment technology providers, payment associations, and prepaid card issuers. Thad has also worked as a C-level executive at retail banks and held positions in advertising and customer communications.


Thad served as an officer in the U.S. Navy for four years and holds a degree in Special Education from the University of Idaho.

Customer Experience

Title: Disappearance of Payments

Speaker: Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group


Imagine a world without payments? No, everything won't be free, but point-of-sale (POS) payments are starting to be absorbed by broader and more-innovative commerce solutions. Uber is an early example: The client never takes out his or her credit card to pay because the app has shifted the actual transaction (as well as other relevant customer data) to the cloud. In a way, this represents a return to traditional, small-store marketing when merchants knew every customer: The relationship was much broader than payment. As with other technology shifts, the disappearing payment begins with proprietary solutions, as financial institutions jostle for competitive advantage. Before long, however, the POS space may move to open systems, and the mobile-app driven market will explode. How will you adapt? Attend this presentation to learn more about positioning your business for this coming change.



Mike Sapien                                                                                          

Principal Analyst, Ovum

Mike Sapien


Name: Mike Sapien

Title:Principal Analyst, Enterprise Services, Ovum          


“IT and telecoms technology are becoming one. Traditional telecoms providers have moved beyond being ISPs to become IP communications providers, but now they need to become network system integrators. To create the appropriate services they must include SDN technology, mobility, and cloud platforms in everything they offer. The network will be virtualized and adapted to all their services.”

Mike Sapien is responsible for Ovum’s US enterprise practice. Based in southern California, Mike is focused on North American and global enterprise telecom markets and related trends, including WAN, managed and advanced voice, and video and data services aimed at global MNC, large enterprise, and SME customers. His focus areas also include datacenter services, emerging cloud and hosted services, enterprise mobility services and related product development, market launches, and channel programs. Mike’s recent work includes research into SIP trunking, IPv6 migration, SDN, datacenter services, telco healthcare solutions and managed security.


Mike leads the design, development, and implementation of Ovum’s research and advisory services on enterprise network services and managed solutions in North America, with a major emphasis on the global tier-1 carriers, infrastructure vendors, and providers. Mike works directly with clients to help them understand and implement recommended strategies from Ovum research. He is a regular contributor to Ovum’s enterprise research, providing analysis of industry, vendor, and product trends, including emerging managed services such as SIP trunking, unified communications, VoIP, SDN, video, and security services.


Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the telecoms and Internet services industry, including executive positions at large carriers, CLEC, and a datacenter provider. Before joining Ovum, Mike was a consultant advising carriers, vendors, and enterprise customers on business development, marketing, and go-to-market strategies. This included the development, introduction, marketing, and sale of data, voice and video enterprise services including advanced managed services. Mike was one of the first published authors to write about ISDN applications for IT personnel (“Mastering ISDN,” 1997).


Mike is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University (BBA and MBA) and Columbia University’s executive management program.


Title:  Communications in Healthcare Done Right

Speaker:    Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Services, Ovum Research


Everyone in healthcare wants the same things: Better patient engagement, improved outcomes, and more effective cost management. After years of investing in healthcare industry solutions, telecommunications firms have begun to offer deep, transformational solutions that directly address these healthcare provider goals. This presentation will spur a lively discussion around the trends, tactics, and programs that characterize these impressive new approaches, particularly joint-development alliances with major healthcare ecosystem players.



Nick Holland                                                                                          

Head of Payments, Javelin 

Nick Holland


Name: Nick Holland

Title: Head of Payments, Javelin               


Nick Holland leads Javelin’s Payments practice area, working with clients to gain strategic insights into payment trends. Nick has spent the last decade focusing on payments, mobile, retail and security. Recent research has explored the intersection of technology with payments including the transition to EMV in the US, real-time transactions, virtual currencies, social network payment trends and big data in retail payments.


Before joining Javelin, Nick worked at Mercator Advisory Group, Pyramid Research, Aite Group and most recently with Yankee Group heading their Mobile Money Strategies practice.


He has spoken and chaired a variety of conferences and events, including GSMA Mobile World Congress, Rutberg Wireless Innovators, Money2020, SXSW and 4GWorld and has appeared in publications and shows including The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, NPR's "Marketplace", Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Time Magazine, The Economist and the Financial Times.


Nick holds an MSc. degree with Distinction in Information Systems Management from the University of Stirling, Scotland (Master’s Thesis in 2001 was on Bluetooth as a payment technology), and a B.A. Honors degree in Art and Design History from De Montfort University in England.


Information Security

Title:   Who Do Customers Trust?

Speaker:  Nick Holland, Head of Payments, Javelin Strategy & Research


PayPal, soon to fly free from eBay, is a trusted transactional alternativefor millions. For Facebook, the biggest social network, the natural next step is to add the sharing of funds to the sharing of content. And thanks to iTunes, Apple already retains more credit-card records than anyone else. Can companies like these leverage the loyalty of their user communities to bypass traditional financial institutions? Does the low-friction Apple Pay e-wallet mark the beginning of the end for physicalcredit cards? Be in the audience as Javelin Research shares three years of data on whom people trust with their money, and how that confidence is trending directionally.



Daniel Van Dyke                                                                                   

Principal Analyst, Javelin

Daniel Van Dyke


Name: Daniel Van Dyke

Title: Research Specialist, Javelin              


Daniel is the Research Specialist in Javelin's Mobile practice area. His work at Javelin informs market trends in mobile banking, payments, and technology initiatives for top financial institutions and vendors. In his three years at Javelin, Daniel has written and advised extensively on mobile wallets, mobile POS, photo banking, digital channel strategies, and other emerging trends. Additionally, he has tracked emerging mobile banking trends and the obstacles for consumer adoption for the largest 25 financial institutions and mobile banking vendors.

Internet of Things

Title: How Wearables will Change how Businesses Connect with Customers

Speaker:  Daniel Van Dyke, Research Specialist, Javelin Strategy & Research


At its recent introduction, Apple CEO Tim Cook described the new Apple Watch as the company’s most “intimate” product ever. What does this intimacy mean for businesses? How will the coming flood of mobile-first applications in financial, medical, retail, and other realms change the way products and services attract customers and secure their data? Smart companies of every variety need to embrace the wearables opportunity and put relevant business cases into motion. Yes, there is a “killer app” what it is, attend this presentation from a leading analyst.


Megan Burns                                                                                         

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Megan Burns


Name: Megan Burns

Title: VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


Megan serves Customer Experience Professionals. She is a leading expert on customer experience management, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is the creator of Forrester's Customer Experience Maturity Framework and manages The Customer Experience Index, Forrester's annual benchmark of customer experience quality across more than 150 large US firms.


As an accomplished public speaker, Megan is a frequent presenter at industry events such as Forrester's Customer Experience Forum and the NetPromoter Conference. She has been quoted in media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, and B2B Magazine.

Before joining Forrester, Megan spent more than six years defining online customer experiences for B2C and B2B websites at AT&T. That work included eCommerce, online customer service, and online marketing sites. Prior to that she spent time at both Intel and IBM as a software engineer.


Megan holds a master's degree in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where she specialized in user and business requirements. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Customer Experience

Title: The Age of the Customer

Speaker: Megan Burns, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester – Keynote


Why is Customer Experience (CX) now emerging as a critical business competency? What does it take to succeed? Who should be involved? Although CX has always mattered, in Forrester’s “Age of the Customer” it's become more essential than ever. Attend this presentation to grasp what’s new about the CX challenge, particularly in the era of digital business, the shift to mobile, and big data. Every functional area of your company can and must contribute to CX mastery. Find out what’s working—and what’s not—for companies climbing the CX maturity ladder in 2015.




Nancy Fabozzi

Principal Analyst, Connected Health, Frost & Sullivan

Nancy Fabozzi


Name: Nancy Fabozzi  

Title: Principal Analyst, Connected Health, Frost & Sullivan  


Nancy has 20 years of progressive experience conducting strategic market analysis of products and services across numerous global healthcare industry verticals.

Nancy’s industry expertise includes Clinical and Financial Health Information Technology, Medical Publishing/Information Services, Academic Medicine, Physician Practice Management/Hospital Service Line Administration, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Healthcare Consumer Products, and Health Policy.

Her research approach is focused on leveraging a broad network of healthcare thought leaders and market participants across industry, government, providers, academia, and professional organizations to provide insightful and forward-thinking perspectives on a number of complex and dynamic issues related to the digital transformation of healthcare

Nancy has a diverse experience working in leading global firms and prestigious academic institutions including Thomson Reuters, Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital, McKinsey & Company and Massachusetts General Hospital.


Title:Where are your opportunities—and risks—in the Health IT space?

Speaker: Nancy Fabozzi, Principal Analyst, Connected Health, Frost & Sullivan


Fresh from the major HIMSS15 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Chicago, a connected-health analyst will highlight the broad disruptions transforming this key sector of the economy. The cost of managing chronic disease and a shift in customer roles propel these trends, which include the rise of value-based reimbursement, new models of care delivery, and innovative ways to create platforms from products. Where is the US healthcare market headed? Frost & Sullivan knows.

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