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Reasons to Hack Back:
Give (hack) back by helping 3 leading national non-profits!
Learn how you can win a lunch with Glenn Lurie, President & CEO of AT&T Mobility!
Win a meeting with The Weather Company technology team!
Gain visibility in front of Georgia's mobility leadership!
...Oh, and there is $5000 CASH up for grabs!


TAG and its Promote Georgia Task Force, in partnership with MobilityLIVE!, will host a month long programming challenge September 22nd through October 22nd. This second annual event will benefit 3 locally-based national non-profits, and we're calling all hackers to participate. 




  • Check out the competition rules here. We've tried to answer every questions. We will also be adding FAQs to this page as needed.
  • Get your team together!
  • Plan on attending the September 22nd Kickoff Event where you will hear about the hackathon projects and may pick up a new team member or two!
  • Over the next 4 weeks, work with your team on your selected challenge. Participate in check-in calls and code, code, code!
  • October 22nd you will submit your 2 minute demo for initial judging.
  • Now you are a finalist… grab your free tickets because you are presenting ON STAGE at the MobilityLIVE! conference 2015!
  • Lastly: Wow the Judges and take home your cash and glory!


Important Dates (write these down!)

  • September 22 - Hackathon Kickoff event with our non-profit panel. 
  • September 29 - Team applications due. Apply here
  • September 30 - All teams are notified of competition status
  • October 22 - Project Demo Due
  • October 26 - Finalists Announced
  • October 28 - Finalists present and judging takes place at the MobilityLIVE! Conference
  • October 29 - Winners announced live on stage at MobilityLIVE! Conference




Big Brothers Big Sisters:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta strives to continue providing children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. While we currently serve and support over 2500 matches of Bigs (mentors) and Littles (mentees) in the Metro Atlanta area, we are just one of 313 Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies operating around the country. We believe there are key areas of our mission that could be impacted positively with mobile applications.

  • Project #1 - Strong Relationships – We are seeking a social media app which allows current Big and Little matches to seek out other matches on the go. Matches could plan or “check-in” at an activity location (such as a park) and other matches could see the location, date, and time in other to possibly coordinate a meetup. Click Here to view the Project Template.

  • Project #2 - Enduring Relationships – We are seeking an “alumni” app which registers past Bigs and Littles, allowing them to reconnect and maintain their relationship with the Agency. This would also include an alumni fundraising component for those who would like to support the Agency financially. Click Here to view the Project Template.

  • Project #3 - One-to-One Relationships - We are seeking a social media app which allows current Bigs and Littles to communicate with each other in order to provide another avenue of communication in a format friendly to our mobile-familiar youth. Click Here to view the Project Template.

  • Project #4 - Change Lives for the Better– We are seeking an app aligned with our curriculum-based Mentoring Toward College (MTC) program. This app would allow Littles to access content appropriate for their grade level and subject of study and even include an avatar creation tool in order to help make learning fun. All of this is to ensure our Littles are on track for promotion to the next grade, which leads to them graduating high school on schedule and pursing a college education. Click Here to view the Project Template.

Open Q&A Conference Calls for Big Brothers Big Sisters Projects:

Call the BBBS office at any time: 404-601-7170
Contact if you are interested in these projects.



Captain Planet Foundation:
The Atlanta-based Captain Planet Foundation was co-founded by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle in 1991 and now chaired by his daughter Laura Turner Seydel. The Foundation supports high-quality, hands-on environmental stewardship projects that have enabled more than 1.1M youth across the U.S. and around the world make significant environmental improvements to their schools or communities.

In addition to its Small Grants Program, CPF is installing hundreds of Learning Gardens in public schools in Atlanta, GA and Ventura, CA to introduce students to natural systems, food origins, life cycles and the flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. The program provides teachers with training on outdoor classroom management, standards-based curriculum, and lesson kits – so students can learn math, science, history, language arts and health – in the context of project-based learning in the garden. 

CPF’s afterschool “Planeteer Clubs” help students implement programs that save schools money on energy, water, and waste, while implementing clean-air measures that reduce exposure to air pollution. And CPF is also involved in a variety of science education initiatives that exploit the intersections between technology, innovation, the environment and personal action. 

  • Project #1 - Mobile App for Field Work - A common goal across all Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) programs is to get kids outside where they can connect with nature, learn about the world, and make a difference. Captain Planet Foundation offers the Small Grants program to provide funding for teachers to engage students in active learning and give kids a chance to design and carry out environmental stewardship projects. For example, kids whose school is near a creek might test the water and figure out a project that could improve water quality. Or kids might learn about species that are at risk in their area, such as monarch butterflies, and decide to plant milkweed to replace disappearing habitat.

    We need a platform with API/protocol, optimized as a mobile app for field work, that would make it easy for students to report data that measures the outcomes of their projects, and that the collective impact of all student projects, in various categories such as tree planting, invasive plant removal, etc. A complete list of those metrics is in development and will be available to contestants. Click Here to view the Project Template. 

  • Project #2 - Mobile Learning Garden App - Captain Planet Foundation has brought Project Learning Garden to 170 schools in the metro Atlanta area. We help schools build gardens, show teachers how to use those gardens as outdoor learning labs, provide lessons and supplies for hands-on activities, and also give schools mobile garden cooking carts so students can taste-test what they grow. In addition to fruits and veggies, students also plant flowers that create habitat for pollinators like butterflies, birds and bees. During the summer, when kids are out of school, Captain Planet Foundation staff helps teachers maintain school gardens and contribute the harvests to neighborhood food pantries.

    We need a mobile Project Learning Garden app that will make it easy for CPF staff to report on what they do when they visit school gardens, how many pounds of food is harvested, and where it’s donated. That information is currently collected on a bunch of separate WordPress forms. The app we envision would also provide a way to flag gardens for follow-up, if there is any need or problem. 
    In addition, we’d like the app to include a portal for students, so each class can keep records of how they use the school garden, what they plant, harvest and taste-test, as well as what they learn outdoors. Click Here to view the Project Template. 

Open Q&A Conference Calls for Captain Planet Foundation Projects:

Monday, September 28 at 1:00pm
Dial-In Number: 641-715-3395
Access Code: 1033228#

Thursday, October 8 at 3:00pm:
Dial-In Number: 641-715-3395
Access Code: 1033228#



National 4-H Council:
For over fifty years, National 4-H Council's eCommerce team has offered curriculum in a variety of subjects such as animal science, agriculture, engineering, creative arts, environment, and practical living. These curriculum products range from introductory to mastery levels for youth between grades 3-12, and are centered on the principles of experiential learning with the participants actively involved in ideating solutions and building prototypes. Curriculum sales are currently undergoing rapid growth due to new introduction of relevant topics and interest from youth groups and schools outside of the 4-H market. 

  • Project #1 - Curriculum App - The eCommerce team would like to build on this expanding reach by entering the digital space with our curriculum in a way that is useful to our customers. We want to create an app that supplements the national 4-H Entomology curriculum titled Teaming with Insects, and will allow youth to engage with this material in a way that they are already very comfortable with - mobile technology. If this initial mobile application is successful and reviewed positively by our customers, we'd like to expand upon this strategy in the future with additional curriculum topic areas. In line with 4-H's philosophy of starting with the problem rather than the solution, we are eager to have the teams determine what this app should look and feel like. We will not be prescriptive in our requirements. That being said, we will outline the necessary features and outcomes to give guidance. Click Here to view the Project Template. 

Open Q&A Conference Calls for National 4-H Projects:

Tuesday, October 6 at 1:00pm
Wednesday, October 7 at 1:00pm
Dial-In Number: 1-866-910-4857
Access Code: 300749#



By Applying online at this link, you agree to the terms and conditions for yourself and your team.




For more information, please contact Lowell Pratt at or 404-526-6032.


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