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Call for Presentations - TAG Geek Out on MarTech

TAG Marketing is excited about our second annual Geek Out on Marketing Technology. We’re looking for hands-on presenters to give us insights in to how they are mastering the dynamic landscape of Marketing Technology. If you are an end user of marketing technology want to show off your skills OR a martech vendor that has a compelling case study we’d love to see your stuff.

The Deadline for Presenter applications: Midnight EST on March 1, 2017

A few things to keep in mind about presenting
• Being a professional speaker is not required. In your speaker submission, let us know who you think would benefit the most from hearing what you have to say.
• Your session is not to promote your own Product, Services or Technology. If your session is to detail case study then it may be considered. Basically this is not a sales pitch so don’t sell in your presentation.
• You can submit multiple presentation submissions.
• Please be prepared to submit speaker slides or review your presentation prior to the event if asked.

Selection Process:
All selections and submissions are collectively reviewed by our organizers. We cannot accept all submissions, and in fact the majority are not selected. Factors we look for in presentations are the degree of uniqueness and popularity of the topic, the speaker qualifications and experience. If your submission is not accepted we will notify you although we might not be able to personally respond to each submission or applicant.

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The conference – designed for marketing technologists, by marketing technologists—includes interactive sessions with marketing technologists. Sessions will explore key industry challenges as experts share case studies, best practices and insights on mastering the dynamic landscape of marketing technology.





With the explosion of the total number (and types) of marketing, sales and product technologies, organizations face the seemingly impossible task of creating a cohesive infrastructure from a confusing and overlapping set of choices. As a result, most organizations have technology stacks that were developed in a piecemeal fashion, leading to overlap and gaps in functionality. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

  • Understand how to build a technology infrastructure that addresses your company’s needs
  • Learn how to stop asking for features without regard to the needs they address
  • Understand how to align sales with marketing’s technology decisions in order to enable smooth handoffs, along with a complete view of the interlocked processes being supported
  • Learn how to evaluate overlapping technologies without double (or triple) counting the return on investment




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