The purpose of TAG Recruiting is:

  • To serve as THE forum for the exchange of information and a medium for the practice, study, and research of issues related to recruiting in technology companies.
  • To assist and encourage it's members to advance their knowledge, skill and competency in the field of recruiting.
  • To provide additional TAG membership benefits, including education, peer interaction and networking.
  • To leverage experience and expertise of TAG members as discussion leaders and resources for the societies.
  • To serve as a vehicle to interest new members.
  • To promote the use of sound and ethical recruiting practices To further the goals of TAG, especially by enhancing its ability to understand, embrace and be a voice for issues in the recruiting function.

The best-selling business book "Good to Great" says the first step in making a business world-class isn't the right design or the right price…it's finding the right people and making sure they're in the right job.

The TAG Recruiting society helps our members find the right people for the job. This is the forum for learning how to study, research and practice sound and ethical recruiting practices. The goal at each TAG Recruiting meeting is to share experiences and expertise among fellow members - and to help companies find and hire the right tech employees.

TAG Recruiting meets the second Thursday of each month from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

2017 Events

January - Recruiting Top Talent in Atlanta circa 2017

February - How can reference checking be so important and so worthless at the same time?

March - Sourcing Labs

April - 21st Century Employee Development: The Right Fit for a New Era!

May - Recruiting Roundtable Discussions

June - Search Engines

July and August: Summer Break (No Recruiting Events)

September A Working Session on Code of Ethics in the Profession

October - Recruiting from Candidate Engagement to Offer Acceptance

November - Topic TBD


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Upcoming Events



TAG Recruiting Lessons Learned: War Stories from the Recruiting Trail

TAG Recruiting Lessons Learned: War Stories from the Recruiting Trail

6:30-7pm Registration
7-8pm  Presentation

VMware 1155 Perimeter Center W #100
Sandy Springs, GA 30338

We all have interesting stories from the Recruiting trail. From diabolical hiring managers to bat$h!t crazy candidates, we have seen a lot. Some stories have happy endings, and others have left us bruised and scratching our heads. But through it all, there are some lessons to be learned. Please join your colleagues for a fun evening of sharing, and maybe a little learning sprinkled in. Be prepared to share stories, and if you have a tip or two, or a trick that you’ve developed, the group would love to hear that, too.

Rick Denius will be moderating the January 2018 Session: Recruiting War Stories – Lessons Learned.  Every recruiter and talent acquisition professional has at least one crazy story to tell about a recruiting situation.  From time to time I say, “Wow, Now that would be great reality TV.  You can’t make this up!” Well it’s time to reminisce and learn from the trenches. Come network with the best of the best talent acquisition professionals in Atlanta and share your recruiting war stories, Thursday March 8th at VMWare

See you there!

About the Moderator:
Rick Denius
Managing Partner
HR Search Company

Rick Denius, Managing Partner at the HR Search Co. Recognizing a need for HR expertise in the HR search space, Rick established the HR Search Company. He possesses over twenty years of combined experience in corporate HR and external search firm recruiting. With this background, Rick brings a unique perspective to every hiring equation regarding what is needed to effectively fill important vacancies within Human Resources. For nearly eighteen years at CNN and Turner Broadcasting, he provided senior business leaders guidance on talent selection, leadership development, and strategic workforce planning, including organization design. Rick is very intentional about building and maintaining lasting relationships with hiring managers, aiming to support their long-term interests and success. Likewise, he's equally focused on his relationships with prospective candidates out of his desire to understand their needs and motivators at various points in their career. He truly knows and can anticipate what those on both sides of the hiring equation expect and want as a successful outcome of the job selection process. It’s this deep experience and know-how coupled with Rick’s passion for scouting HR talent that allows him to help others make their HR search a successful and enjoyable experience.


Thursday, Mar 08, 2018 6:30 PM to
Thursday, Mar 08, 2018 8:00 PM


1155 Perimeter Ctr Ste 100
Sandy Springs, GA 30338-5461 US
1155 Perimeter Ctr Ste 100
Sandy Springs, GA 30338-5461
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