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TAG Business Process Management Society Mission - to learn from and recognize those organizations that make great ideas actually work - to dramatically improve how they do business.

Our Key Strategies include:

  • Develop a sustainable community for leaders in process improvement
  • Provide educational and networking opportunities for leaders in process improvement
  • Provide visibility to enterprises that excel in process improvement

Benefits from participation in TAG BPM include:

  • Meeting others with similar business interests, issues and professional challenges.
  • Exposure to information and ideas that allow executives and entrepreneurs to think innovatively and "outside the box" and enhance leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to gain broader perspective on key business issues.
  • Exposure to new Process improvement opportunities.

For more details and information or if you're interested in getting involved please contact, Tiffany Stewart at

October 2, 2017 Event

Investing in New Technologies (SMART, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning) to lead or to follow. How to decide?

Investing in New Technologies (SMART, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning) – to lead or to follow. How to decide?
The pace of technology continues to quicken and business and technology leaders have to make decisions about where to place their bets and align their business processes to capitalize on those investments but timing is a big factor. Invest too soon and you may get technology that isn’t ready or the business doesn’t know how to monetize it and on the converse you wait too long to deploy and you lose opportunities. TAG BPM is bringing together senior business leaders from some of Atlanta’s most recognized organizations to talk about SMART, AI, Robotics and Machine Learning and the future for their businesses.

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